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Fears and Hopes- al-Imam Khomeini


Imam_Khomeini_-_has_exiled“We must bring about the realization of the practical laws of Islam, undeterred by the deceihtful West, the invasive East and their globally dominant modes of diplomacy. For as long as theology is trapped in the books and in the clergy’s chest, there is no harm done to world devourers. And until the clergy  are active in every sphere, they will not realize that religious authority and knowledge is not enough. Centers of religious education and the clergy must be abreast of the times and have the pulse of the present in their hands and know the needs of the future. Always a few step ahead of events, they must come up  with effective responses. Our current methods of running our society  are likely to change in the years ahead. And human society may come to utilize the issues facing Islam”.


al-Imam Ruhullah Khomeini, Shahifah al-Nur, volume 21, page 100.



Imam Khomeini in Mehrabab

Imam Khomeini in Mehrabad