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Al Bashir Affirms Armed Forces Consolidation, Building Modern Country

Khartoum-Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Left.General Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir

Left.General Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir


President of the Republic, Armed Forces General Commander Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir announced the Presidency and GoNU commitment to support the Armed Forces and providing it with the required equipments to play its role in preserving the nation gains and defend the dignity and land.

Therefore, we established the military industrialization for the providing of the troops battalion’s equipments and the administrative work tools besides the planes industry and all instruments that develop the armed forces, Al Bashir said.

Al Bashir who addressed here yesterday the Armed Forces celebrations on the 55th anniversary and inaugurated new establishments affiliated to the Ministry of Defense, appreciated the roles that have been played by the Armed Forces in the gloomy conditions to maintain peace in Southern Sudan.

The President denied that the Armed Forces, backed by the Police, Popular Defense Forces and the National Service, fought to gain victory but to achieve peace adding that the Army was the first who welcomed the implementation of the CPA and implemented all the concerned articles.

Al Bashir indicated to the importance of the military accommodating aims to provide the suitable housing to the Armed Forces individuals who appreciated them saying “This day is the honor day for all those who have joined the Armed Forces which have not hesitated or used the weak of capabilities as a pretext.

He affirmed that the Armed Forces building process has been continued as a part of the modern state building that looking for saying “We reorganized the Armed Forces and moved to a new organization and preparation to the Armed Forces therefore we had to prepare the good and suitable work environment that enabling the commanders and officials carrying out their duties in the required and right way”
Al Bashir stated that what has been done will be followed by step in another buildings to complete the Joint Staff body by establishing the Intelligence Tower, Marines and Air forces tower.

The President awarded the Defense Minister Lieutenant General Engineer Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein the military medal for his great role in developing the Armed Forces.

The President of the Republic inaugurated yesterday the foundations of the General Command towers in presence of military commanders, ministries and several African defense ministries.

On his part, the Defense Minister Lieutenant General Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein affirmed the Armed Forces readiness to drive back  any aggression aims the country disclosing a great development in all the military units and branches saying ” We covered all the national airspaces with radars and precautionary planes besides the development of the air bases and the establishment of 10 runways  in Darfur in addition to the consolidation of the air squadron with military planes and helicopter to repulse any air strike against the country.

He disclosed a plan aims to take care of the Armed Forces individuals whom he described as “the country capital” through their upgrading in the universities and the military colleges  besides the housing project, the social Takaful Fund and the establishment of schools besides the development of the military production.   


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