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Prince Luncai (Part i)

Written by: S.Othman Kelantan

Translated by:Shah Rezad Ibrahim

However deep her hatred was for her former, slain husband, Luncai, Princess Nila Kendi loved his son with all her  heart. The pain of knowing that Luncai deceived her father , the Emperor Isin, which led to her  father’s death in a ravine, would not go away. She had to accept marriage to him and took it as the workings fate which could not be avoided. The Prime Minister believed his words, so did the honourable Tuan Kadi, her own mother  and all the people of Indra Pati. Her father’s will had to be fulfilled. However dejected and depressed she felt at his passing only a few days ago, she had to undergo the wedding rites performed by the Tuan Kadi.

The whole country of Indra Pati rejoiced and celebrated for she was marrying a theologian, a pious man and the beneficiary of her father’s will when they were together in the underworld, the smart si Luncai.  The Princess acknowledged this. Luncai was smart. Luncai had once been condemned to death by her father but had escaped. Finally Luncai had come back from dead, bearing greetings  from her  father , grandfather and the loyal family of Indra Pati. The nobles believed Luncai’s words.    Her mother  followed suit.  So did the Prime Minister. And the Tuan Kadi. Hence she was married off to him without any delay.

Strangely, the Princess thought , although she was grieving she did not rejected the marriage. She was terrified and not in the least amorous when she set  eyes  on him. But Luncai was already her lawful husband. And the young man who was ugly and had an unattractive figure was already standing at the door of her bedroom which was beautifully decorated and scented in order to banish all unpleasant odours from the peasant groom. And on the wedding night which was like a dream never to be repeated, the result of human nature or lust that arises when  a man meets a woman, she seemed to be  unaware of what was happening.  Suddenly, when she become conscious, she realized that something fine and delicate, which she had protected all her life was gone. Her anger boiled over, she just had time to glimpse a black, shapeless figure sprawled at her side. In that instant and almost unconsciously, with a certain kind of strength or realization, she felt  ashame and hatred and came to the conclusion that the ugly man beside her who had taken her  virginity was responsible for her father’s death though his deceptions for revenge. For certain, she thought.