Prince Luncai (Part ii)

During the few moments of sexual gratifications as well as hatred towards the man who had caused her father’s death and not knowing whether she had willingly surrendered her virginity to this ugly man or not, her fingers  groped for the dagger which she always carried with her. With a courage and determination that came from she knew not where, she drew out the small sharp dagger that gleamed with a thousand lights from the candle lighting the bridal bedroom. And without much thought, she plunged it as hard as she could into Luncai’s neck while he slept face down emitting hoarse guttural sounds. She was not conscious anf unconscious of her surroundings  she saw his eyes pop out and heard his voiceless cry. She didn`t know what happened after that. As if in a dream or nightmare, she only knew that she was in the middle of the room and being waited upon by her ladies in waiting. “Princess!” it was the voice of love and friendship or eternal devotion. She also heard the sound of weeping. What was clear to her, sweet smelling tears were falling on her. She wept with them and her weeping added to the noise in the room which was filled with the sound of wailing. After a long while, she became aware of the lost of something precious caused by the person who had slept with her and act which was made legal by a pronounment from the Tuan Kadi. And the person who had forcefully  taken that something pure and precious from her was also no more.

How strange the princess thought, it happened only once and once only. Whether she was was fully conscious of it or not and yet , here she was, pregnant. And now, because she was not cautious enough on her fisrt night with Luncai, the once only resulted in her giving birth to a prince. How ever much she hated Luncai, she could not reject her son. Not possible. In fact, as soon as she heard his cries as she pushed him out in all the pain and agony of a first childbirth, she felt exhilarated. All the feeling s of hatred and revenge that she had nursed for nine months disappeared. When she held her baby for the first time, she immediately kissed him. Oh, how great was her love for Prince Luncai. And now, the prince had  just turned twenty eight and completed his studies at the university with flying colours. Strange, the prince thought . The prince had never wanted to continued his studies overseas. She had suggested it to him before.

“Mother, don`t be mistaken”. The Prince approached her in an affectionate manner and whispered in her ear which was covered over with long hair that was interspersed with white. “Forgive me, mother. Our local universities offer more advanced studies than the one abroad. And they are less expensive. I do not want to wate the government’s money”.  The Princess smiled. She was fully aware with her son’s shrewdness which was similar to his father`s. the shape of his face as well his clear eyes were reminiscent of his father`s whom she hated.  As he was a synthesis of the two of them, his features were a mixture of both; slightly oval shape with narrow brows and a rather small, sweet mouth. The ladies in waiting used to say that he looked like her  when she was a baby and in her teens. His sturdy  and impressive  figure was more like his father’s but his voice and behavior resembled hers. Princess Nila Kendi was happy to heard this. Let the prince inherit his mother’s looks and Luncai’s brain. Deep down, she was proud of and admired Luncai’s shrewdness. Luncai was able to over come any hurdles put in his way by the whims with her father, Emperor Isin. In a way, she thought Luncai acted as he did because of her  father. Was it right to have sentenced him to death merely for saying “My father’s head is no different from your highness `s head”. Many times the Prince had proposed to her that the country draft laws that were fair. And because of this, the Prince did not want to be installed as king until he became  a truthly educated man. The Prince let his mother became the dowager queen of Indra Patisince the time his grandfather and his own. He had whispered to his mother that both the accidents would not have taken place if the Prime Minister or the King’s  Advisors had given some though to cousell  the king. But no, the Prime Minister and the advisors simply acquiesced. The Prime Minister’s silence led his father to seek revenge and kill his grandfather in the most shrewd and sutable manner, outwitting the Prime Minister and the King’s Advisors. The Princess had heard her son say this of Luncai and although she did not like it, it was a son`s hero worship of his father. “My father was brilliant and shrewd, mother. “You alone were able to defeat him. Only you” when the Princess stepped  out from his room, being in the midst of completing his preparations for a Master’s degreein Political Administration, the Queen wept bitterly. She felt deeply sad, for she had not realized that on the one hand was her hatred for Luncai who was ugly and revengeful and on the other was her son’s high regard for him. And also there was sorrow now and then in her life as the powerful queen of Indra Pati, there was also a young man, Prince Si Luncai who was always thinking about what the best for the country. As the Queen of a sovereign state and all the laws were at the tip of her tongue, the Princess began to conscious of her position. At any time the Prince could take over the throne if he wanted to. And the people had already begun to hero worship the prince who held a Master’s degree.


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