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The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

A town mouse visits a country mouse. The country mouse brings out his best best food. The country mouse says “Is this what you eat all the time?”.  The town mouse invites the country  mouse to visit him. ‘Come and see how well we live!” he says. The country mouse agrees to go with him. When they reach the town, the country mouse is frightened  by the noise and traffic. They almost get run over by the cars and buses! They reach a big house and the town mouse says “Come inside with me”. The town mouse leads him through a beautiful hall. “Look at all this!” he says proudly. They enter a room where there is a lot of food on the table. “Wow” says the country mouse ,”Look at all that food!”. “Lest`s start eating!” says the town mouse. Just as they start enjoying themselves, they hear a loud voice saying,  “Get away from there, you greedy little thieves!”. They see a woman coming after them with a broom! The mice run out of the house. “Let`s go to another house”, says the town mouse. “No, thank you” says the country mouse. “I want to go back to my simple but peaceful life!”.


i)  What does the country mouse give his visitor?

ii) What does the town mouse want to show the country mouse?

iii) What frightens the country mouse in town?

iv) What do the two mice see on the table in the big house?

v) Why do the two mice run out of the big house?

This story had been collected from one of  my  children’s  storybooks.